Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saturday - Apple Foraging and Winemaking

On Saturday we hopped aboard the short bus and went apple foraging. We found a bunch of apples and blackberries in season, and did a lot of plant identification along the way.

I had fun pointing at things and asking what it was and could I eat it, perhaps I should've taken the edible plant class instead? We had lunch in an old county park along the river and then headed back to the homestead where the art of winemaking (and the very important element of tasting) got underway.

We sampled various wines from past batches and also started the berries we had prepared the night before into a new batch of wine. We learned about using various types of yeast to help feed the wine, and bottled a batch that was ready to move out of the car-buoy.

Saturday night we convened with the other camps and all had dinner - goat chili and salad. Well, I had mac/cheese with the kids, lol, but in my defense I was having stomach issues all day! After dinner we called it an early night and got up Sunday to process the apples we picked.


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