Wilders is for the Young

Lucy found a large Maple leaf on our apple foraging expedition

...and Young at Heart

Otis finds a little time to be horsey for the children.

Forest Goats

Lucy made a little goat friend.

Apples are Awesome

Slicing and dicing our way through the bounty of apples.

Apples are Awesome

Even bad apples make great pectin!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Re-sourcing Resources

I am getting ready to make apple butter with the fruit we scavenged last weekend. Unfortunately, I only have three jars, not nearly enough to store the plethora of compote I will need to can.  I looked at buying new jars, but it felt so wasteful, so I headed over to Craigslist. 

WOW! I was awesomely surprised at what appears to be an ongoing listing for Jim's Jars in SE Portland. There were four separate listings as of this posting, with everything from caviar jars to pressure canners to fermentation vats, not to mention bakeware, spatulas and other kitchen gadgetry spanning the entire 20th century  (and older!).

Anyhow, I wanted to be sure to give this place a shout out, and will plan to get over there to check out the inventory as soon as we can.  The pricing was very fair and affordable for all levels. They even rent pressure canners for $5 per week if you don't need to buy one, although he sells them at quite reasonable prices too.

Note: I neither received compensation nor do I know Jim of Jim's Jars. I just saw great pricing on items that would be very useful for the modern homesteader and wanted to bookmark the experience. 


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