Saturday, September 17, 2011

Applied Learning - Apple Hunting

Today was our Family Fun Day Outing and we headed to Mt. Angel, Oregon for their annual Oktoberfest celebration. The Kindergarten area is always fun for the under 12 set, with free pony rides, an animal petting zone and bouncy houses for all ages! Biergarten avoided, it's a fun outing for our group, and I highly recommend discovering what Mt. Angel has to offer.

With both kiddos sound asleep in the back seat, we took the lazy way home, scouting for ferile apple trees on our route. Dan remembered an old warehouse where he worked had apple trees in the front yard that were never utilized so we turned off the main road and wandered that direction.  We were in luck!

Several apple trees and two pear trees were laden with fruit, both on the tree and on the ground. We grabbed my Envirosack, filled it up in about 5-6 minutes, and left plenty for anyone else who stumbled into their bounty. Modern gathering skills applied in the wild!

Now I'm off to clean and prepare these treats for the pot. Hoping to glean some pectin for our "efforts"... stay tuned!


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